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Hello everyone, Most welcome to my blog “PhoneSieve.com”. I’m Ravi Roshan Jaiswal, and I am from capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi. As a person I am open minded, good behavior and friendly. About my educational qualification – I am pursuing Bachelor in Computer Application from IGNOU along with I am just stared a blogging about phone market in the world.

Also, I trust on technology. If you’ll know this you wonder that in this modern era, everywhere and even everything is depended on technology. If you don’t mind, I want to share my personal feelings that I am in the habit of taking latest launched and an expensive Smart phone. Also I’m addicted from taking selfies. After seeing new feature launched phone, I just can’t hold myself from purchasing that-one. And In my opinion, every person wants to take latest smart phones. Due to this habit I fear from my parents. Generally, now-a-days when we enucleate an old model of phone in front of people, they look us in an ignoble vision. This is because of why; new generation’s people became smarter. Actually smart phone make our work easy and reliable. They are portable i.e. we can use it anywhere and anyplace. It can be taken on our small pocket i.e. light weight and because of this feature everybody needs smartphone.

Lets’ find out some phone brand which are popular around the world, like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Microsoft, htc etc. One more thing, you should know that, in this modern era everything is becoming smart, like phone is smart, city is smart and even classroom is smart. Now craziness of smart phones is extending everywhere. In the modern era Smartphone is performing like a computer. I thing smart phone makes our life stylish and smart. And even people try to buy smart phone in the place of computer now-a-days. In my view, in coming a smart phone may remove the need of laptops.

I like to play cricket. I am playing cricket since when I was Nine years old. Within few days this game becomes more popular in the world. Most people like this game. As a person I have also hobbies to surfing over Internet.

I believe in the God. I like to pray because pray is one of the single track to communicate with the God directly. I always ready to help others as much as possible. I perceive more satisfy after favouring other. This mentality should be in every person.

For more updates related to smart phones keep watching my blogs. I always try my best to provide you all realistic and latest information about the Smartphone’s.

Thanks a lot! 🙂 for taking interest to know something about us. It will really appreciate our mission to provide you the collection of latest information about phone.

Keep watching… 🙂

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