7 Less known Tips and Tricks for iPhone 5 series

Apple with launch of iPhone 5 in September 2012 predeceased by its successor iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 2013 has received several awards for customer satisfaction.  It has a lot better design with aluminum based body, which makes it lighter and thinner than most of the android Smartphone. Its light weight and slim look will allow you to easily carry it with a pride of owning an apple gadget. Its fast processor with multi screen gesture and multitasking enable user to use several application at a time without problem of application crash.

The graphics was much improved in this series with high resolution screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and retina display features. While there are countless exciting features that apple provides in this series, you might not be familiar with all the features of it.  There are now almost 1.5 Million apps present on iTunes store, which you can use in these devices.

The Touch Id security features introduced with these devices adds tons to its security feature by keeping your fingerprint encrypted and protected.

I will try to reveal such tricks that will enhance your experience with iPhone more lively and wonderful.

iPhone 5 Video
iPhone 5 Video

Customized Vibration alert for every Contact:  There are lots of calls from important contacts you may not want to miss. When you have not your phone on your palm and still you want to know who is calling you then it is the right hack to use. You can customize the vibration pattern of your contact trapped in contact settings of your phone. It is fun as well valuable to use this feature.

To customize it, Move to a contact and click on Edit option in top-right corner.

Look for Vibration option by scrolling down and -> click on Create New Vibration. In this screen, tap & hold to create a vibration pattern, short press for short vibration notes etc.

Use Camera Flash for Notifications: People were excited about one of features in iPhone 6 i.e. – Notification LED.  It helps the easier to easily know about an incoming call or text. IPhone 5 Series lack in this feature due to unavailability of LED Hardware. But don’t worry! An excellent hack is present to use this feature in modified version.

To Enable Camera flash for incoming calls and texts just click on settings->general->accessibility->LED flash for alerts->on

Quickly Close Apps: You might have wanted to close multiple apps instantly but you have not been able to do that. Don’t worry! You could close maximum three apps instantly by swiping your three fingers up.  This let you close three applications in a single click.

Use formatting tool:  There are lot of formatting features like making any font bold, italics, strikethrough and underline it, while you are using an app like Mail, Messaging etc.  You might have no idea about it.  The text you want to edit, just highlight that and click on arrow in the cut/copy/paste popup. You will get a lot of formatting options there you just have to choose “B/ U /” there.

Recover Apple Id and Password:  Apple id and password is required to access your each apple devices. It is likely to occur that you forgot apple id password. Then you will unable to sign in into iOS Apps, iCloud and iTunes.  It is very time taking and lengthy process. To recover apple password you must know apple ID. So I am breaking this section in two parts;

  • How to recover apple ID: You can choose multiple ways to recover your password.

Guess:  Most of the times your email id is also your apple ID, so try to feed the possible email id first.

Email: Go to Apple ID account page and click on Forgot Apple ID or Password. You need to fill your name and email address to recover ID.

Purchased Items: If you are signed in into your apple device than you can see your Apple ID there. There is also another way to view Apple ID through any purchased item under my music or playlist. Click on edit->get info->file tab| “Purchased by” column will confirm for Apple ID.

  • How to recover Password: After you know the Apple ID there are 4 ways to recover password.

Recover through Email: In this method you’ll get a recovery link to reset password on your registered email address.

Security question: While setting up your account, you must have filled some security questions. These can be used to reset password.

Two -Step Verification: If you chosen two-step verification than you’ll need recovery key and trusted device to reset password. The trusted device will receive a verification code, which you need to enter in order to sign in into your account.

Two-factor authentication: If you have enable two factor authentication then you need to enter trusted phone number and then you can choose the option to send notification to trusted device. When notification is shown on trusted device choose allow and follow the instructions to reset password.

Charge Faster: There are many occasions where you forgot to charge up your iPhone, also you need to go in a while. You want to feed as much possible power in your phone. It happens to most of the people.  The simple way to do this is by keeping your phone on airplane mode during charging. It improves the charging rate by significant 8 %.  Also do not frequently check your progress as it affects the power consumption.  Grab and check your phone only when you are ready to leave.

“Go Back” Quickly: There is lot of built in application as well as third-party applications that allows you to use similar “back” buttons provided on android.

To use this feature from the screen edge, swipe to right to go on the previous window. These are provided on Mail, Safari, Messages, and Instagram etc.

Make Fingerprint Recognition Faster:  Security is the one of most important concern of any users. Apple TouchID feature has attracted many users in purchasing an Apple device. This feature has been launched on many similar phones after iPhone 5 series. You may be using this feature but you can make it work faster.

To boost this process save the same fingerprint multiple times through different entries. It is really helpful in iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 series.

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